InterOPERA Stakeholder Committee Call

InterOPERA opens a call for expression of interest to join the project’s Stakeholder Committee!

Future multi-vendor, multi-terminal HVDC grids will impact a wide variety of electricity grid users and stakeholders.

The InterOPERA consortium gathers experts from 21 organisations to pave the way for the first real-life multi-vendor, multi-terminal HVDC projects in Europe. It is now launching a call for interest by external parties, for example, but not limited to TSOs, HVDC and wind equipment suppliers, industry organisations to join the project Stakeholder Committee.

The experts that will be selected to join the InterOPERA Stakeholder Committee will be informed on a regular basis on the project status and results and will be able to provide feedback and contribute to shaping the InterOPERA deliverables.
The Committee will meet five times throughout the project in technical workshops organised by the consortium and exclusively accessible to the Stakeholder Committee members.

The number of seats in the Stakeholder Committee is limited to 20. But organisations can nominate different individuals to attend each of the workshops depending on the required expertise.

For more information on the rules of the procedure, please read our Terms of Reference (ToR).

If you are interested in joining the InterOPERA Stakeholder Committee, please fill the form that is available below and send it to [email protected]
Applications are open until 30 September 2023.

Apply now via the official application form!

Download the form!

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