Functional requirements for HVDC grid systems and subsystems

June 2024


This report describes functional requirements for multi-terminal HVDC systems and subsystems. The functional framework is important to limit the risk of interoperability issues between different vendors by specifying basic operational rules for control and protection.

InterOPERA Newsletter

May 2024

1st technical workshop – summary report

May 2024


This is the summary report from the 1st technical workshop with the InterOPERA Stakeholder Committee that took place on 14 March 2024.

Demonstrator project definition and system design studies

March 2024


The demonstrator is the centrepiece of the InterOPERA project, since it is the infrastructure that will allow interoperability between technologies from different manufacturers to be tested.

InterOPERA Newsletter

February 2024


Covering updates from the Sept – Dec 2023

Grid-forming functional requirements for HVDC converter stations and DC-connected power park modules in multi-terminal multi-vendor HVDC systems

January 2024


This report presents the project stakeholders’ view on these requirements. It will be used as a basis for the demonstration design as well as the selection of the test protocol and verification process.

Multi-Party Cooperation Framework

December 2023


This report is the preliminary draft of a Multi-Party Cooperation Framework, prepared by the InterOPERA Work Package 4 “Cooperation framework and governance”.

InterOPERA Newsletter

October 2023


InterOPERA Newsletter

April – June 2023


InterOPERA Newsletter

January – March 2023